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Morjim { GOA }

Morjim { GOA }

Its been a while since I’ve been back from my 20 day long road trip. I have finally managed to sort out the pics and find time to do a post on it. This is the second of the series. The first one was a compilation of my favourite instagram pics from the road trip. You can view that HERE.
Following are the places we stayed at during the course of the road trip over 20 days.
Road Trip: –> Delhi –>…

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Day05 :: WIFW :: Jump Up

Day05 :: WIFW :: Jump Up

Onto the 5th & final day of Wills India Fashion Week. As excited as I was to be a part of fashion week this time, by the fifth day I kinda just wanted it all to be over. Sleep deprivation and wearing makeup on the face for 5 consecutive days always tests my patience. Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing makeup but only once in a while. And yet again, for the 5th day, I just went all out for a comfy…

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Dhaba by { Claridges }

Dhaba by { Claridges }

There was quite a bit of hype when Dhabawas launched as a separate restaurant by The Claridges Hotel as a way to experiment with and change their menu in order to cater to a different set of people. For the loyalists & old customers, the original Dhaba at the hotel still exists. But the stand-alone Dhabas are more fun, quirky and younger. Word has it that they will even have special food…

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Day04 :: WIFW :: Tropical Eyes

Day04 :: WIFW :: Tropical Eyes

I realized that throughout my days of attending WIFW, I hadn’t worn black at all. And I do love black. ALOT. So there was black on top and print on the bottom. An all black outfit is my personal favourite but I reserve those for the winters. I had also received THE most gorgeous aviators from Ray-Ban. Had my eyes on them for the longest time and they went perfectly with the black and the tropical…

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Uber - ing in Delhi

Uber – ing in Delhi

I tell you, nothing excites me more than the concept of travelling in an Audi A6 cab to my destination and paying just as much as any normal broke-ass cab (read Indicas etc). I think its got something to do with the whole Dilli-walla attitude, but I couldn’t really care less. Its a frikkin Audi A6! And its by UBER. Coz frankly I’m not aware of any other cab company that will charge you ₹ 640/-…

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